Knitting a Furry Scarf

2012-02-02 16:47:00


Flower striped crochet scarf

2010-12-22 19:31:00

The pretty striped scarf pattern is coming soon! It’s a neat crochet stitch pattern that features the “flower” stripes alternating with a lacy background stripe.  The effect is unique and wonderfully textured.  Makes for a warm and truly striking scarf! Devamı

Crochet lace jacket

2010-12-22 19:25:00


knitting instructions

2010-12-07 02:18:00

  Knitting Stitches These simple knitting instructions are presented for your guidance and reference. A beginner should practice with plastic knitting needles and a medium weight yarn until evenness and accuracy arc obtained. Knitting consists of a series of loops or stitches interlocking and forms an elastic fabric. Two knitting needles are required for flat work, and three or more for circular work, unless a circular knitting needle is used. To cast on.Make a slip loop over left needle, * pass right needle through loop from left to right, yarn under and over right needle, draw yarn through loop and transfer loop to left needle by inserting left needle in loop from right to left. Repeat from * until desired number of stitches are on the left hand needle. Another way to cast on.  Make a slip loop about 30" from the end of yarn or desired length to make the number of stitches required. Slip it on to a needle and hold needle in right hand; * with short end of yarn make a loop on left thumb, insert needle in this loop from left to right, and with long end, bring yarn under and over needle and draw through loop on thumb, tighten short end with left hand; repeat from * for required number of stitches. To knit (K).All letters in brackets indicate abbreviations used in instructions. When desired number of stitches have been cast on, pass the right needle through the first loop on left needle from left to right, yarn under and over right needle. Draw through and allow first stitch on left needle to slip off, and repeat until no stitches remain on left needle. When plain knitting is repeated back and forth any number of times, the work is alike on both sides and known as the Garter Stitch. To purl (P). Bring the yarn in front of the needle, insert right hand needle in first loop on left-hand needle from right to left. Pass yarn around back of right hand needle from right to left and draw through loop b... Devamı

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