Regional attenuation techniques

2010-11-09 18:35:00

Diet beslensek careful in applying, in some parts of our body is a kind of sport if I did inceltemeyiz. Fat in the abdomen, hips more oils, fat upper legs, waist, especially in the more difficult to get rid of fat. In such cases, methods of weight loss into the regional circuit.

Some surgery, some pins, some how, these methods are applied to vacuum? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?

Collected in our body fat in certain areas is to use the vacuum method and the thin metal tubes. The aim is to give the body a more proportional form. Now, today, oil will be injected into areas of local anesthetic and bleeding reduces the medicated serums, oils, withdrawal can be provided more easily. Recently, this method was applied to standing.
Opt. Dr. Ugur Dikmen outpatient treatment when the patient is seen immediately said the result due to gravity.
Advantage: reduced number of fat cells for the regions, even if taken in the future weight oils collected in these areas.
Disadvantage: the skin after surgery for 2-3 weeks to adapt to the new skin should wear elastic corset. Edema and bruises take 3-2 weeks, 6-8 weeks and takes the swelling to come down.

Both the regional attenuation, as well as a method used in the treatment of cellulite. Derived from natural ingredients and melt fat under the skin to regulate the circulation of a mixture, with the help of very fine needles are injected. This mixture is compacted fat cells and relaxing, making them available again. Mesotherapy is a surgical procedure to be confused with the lack of Liposuction'la point.
Advantage: The sessions lasting 10 minutes, so it is very advantageous terms to be short-lived and fast results. In addition, the mixture is injected into the content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that the skin is provided in the recovery and rejuvenation.
Disadvantage: The person does not take care of yourself and start to gain weight, fat weight the same area there is the possibility of assembly. Because this operation out of fat cells removed.

The elimination of fat cells was completely deformed, or out of the extraction method for fat content. Drug melting method is applied to each of lipolysis and metabolism in the region, including oil, able to melt a certain direction. With the help of very fine needles in soy its core medicine to be injected to specific regions and thus the melting of fat cells in the body burning more fat is provided.
Advantage: a surgical operation is ideal for those who do not want or too much time. The biggest advantage is taken, in addition, an application is no pain.
Disadvantage: Temporary swelling, tenderness, itching, and bruising can be. But these complaints within 2-3 days of declines.

This method was developed based on the positive effects of carbon dioxide on the skin under the leather interior and pure carbon dioxide gas given a special device, provided circulation and accelerate tissue regional metabolism. Expands as a result of the treatment vessels, blood flow to the region is accelerating, the acceleration occurs in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Removing carbon dioxide from the body quickly artırılıyor fat burning.
Advantage: Quick, convenient, effective and non-surgical method of weight loss due to the particular regional, and cellulite treatment cracks edliyor preferred.
Disadvantage: the feeling of a lump can be a lasting 30-60 minutes after application, but this walk is possible to eliminate a slight swelling after the procedure.

UltraShape, ultrasound technology to break down unwanted fat cells without surgery, a needle treatment. Sound waves of fat cells under the skin and thinning of parts and provides a permanent. Ultrasound wave, the selected body fat in fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue and destroy targets. The application takes about one and a half hours, may be repeated every 3 weeks and 1-4 sessions are usually sufficient. Each session provides 2-4 cm peripheral thinning.
Advantage: Non-surgical, painless and needle-like way, then do not have a healing process and does not require specialist follow-up.
Disadvantage: It takes about an hour and a half of the application that can be a challenge for ayıramayanlar time.

Heat using an application. Radio waves in the body of water molecules and ions exposed to mobilize and release of energy in the body heats up due to this mobilization. In this way, heat begins to melt fat and connective tissue regeneration occurs with weight loss and slimming, cellulite is the way, sarkıklar resolved. In total, an average of 8 or 10 a session lasts 20 minutes and apply 1-2 times a week.
Advantage: The color-blind is a type system can continue treatment in the tanning process.
Disadvantage: the process immediately after the treatment, a slight reddening of the skin and gerginleşme observed. But after a while disappears.

TEI System
TEI System methodically 3 3 separate application occur. In other words, the infrared rays, heat therapy, electrostimulation, and fat burning techniques, editing and tightening makes the hormonal metabolism. If a session takes an average of 45 minutes.
The most unique feature of the device consists of 21 individual programs. You complain that you enforce these programs. These 21 programs soft cellulite, hard cellulite, edematous cellulitis, roundup, roundup-intensive, post-natal, obesity, obesity locally, circulation, drainage, thinning, re-forming, animation and tone enhancement, relaxation, tense, lipolytic, passive gymnastics, sedatives, stimulating the organism does not work, lipo-drain, the body consists of defects in the upper region.

Source: Cosmopolitan Fit and Light

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