Knitting a Furry Scarf

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Sweater construction

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Yarn: Mountain Colors 4/8s in Silverbow (no longer on their side), 5.65 (wrong project - more like 5:25) knitting stitches per inch on US5/3.75mm and US4/3.5mm for hems and bands. Pattern: Karen Alfke's top-down Unpattern like a cardigan with a slightly scooped crew neck done The pattern gives you a framework for designing your own sweater knit in any yarn. You can add a sweater or a cardigan with almost any neckline or collar and hem. It requires smooth for the shares to work. I enjoy working with the Mountain Colors. When a yarn breaks at all, then I have a problem with splits by something in my technique, which appears as soon as I build up any speed. I had very few problems with the layout, even on long rows of stockinette stitch. Although this sweatshirt has lasted four months and got around on buses and ferries hauled pretty yarn shows no signs of wear or pilling. I had a couple of places I had to do a fair bit of manipulation of the thread to correct errors or other problems and it was by then very well. The color runs are so short they do not have a chance to bundle up or flashes, but long enough to get used to a sense of all the colors. The colors in this colorway all have a blue-gray tone and really work well together. I'm sorry they no longer produce this one, and so were several people who saw the sweater in progress. I have picot hems on the bottom, sleeves, button and neck bands. To coordinate I Yarn Overs for the increases along the raglan sleeve line. The only thing I would do differently would be to narrow the sleeves a bit. I left a little space for the double layer of fabric, but if they get wet blocked the hems of the fabric was actually made wider. On the body that gave shape to a beautiful piece, but the cuffs turned out just a hair wide. Because my purling voltage varies quite a lot of my knitting tension, knitting flat and my teaching in the round can be very different. I am (continental style) and s... Devamı

Baby knitting patterns 2011

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Easy knitting patterns

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